Free Weekly Planner


💙 I chose 6 colors for you to plan your week with your favorite colors, I hope they are the ones you like :)

💙 You can write your motivating words with the colored boxes I added to each color. If you have words of motivation, you can share them on Instagram. I would like to use it in my planners :)


How Can I Use the Weekly Planner?

💙 Planners will be sent to your e-mail account shortly. In case of any delay you can check your spam box or contact me :)

💙 You can download the pdfs that come to your e-mail whenever you want.

💙 You can open and print the PDF from your computer or use it digitally from the Goodnotes app.

💙 You are ready to plan your week!

💙 If you have suggestions, opinions and questions, I am waiting for you on my instagram account. Don't forget to follow my account for free content published every week :)